5 Things you need to know about CoP

Community of Practice

#1: CoP is all about passion

Are you a product developer, designer, editor, engineer or in HR? It does not matter because CoP (Community of Practice) is for everyone! This platform allows individuals from cross-functional teams to voluntarily come together for collaborative learning because of their passion or interest in a particular aspect.

#2: Opt in, opt out

As long as you share the same interest or passion with the community, you are welcome to job a particular CoP. At any point of time, you may leave and join other CoP. i.e. you may join any CoP or even form one yourself, as along as you are passionate about it.

#3: We got you covered

Attention Titaners, your CoPs are supported financially by the company! The company is providing annual subsidy on the expenditures of your CoPs according the spending below:

  • Expenditures up to $360 – 100% subsidy
  • Expenditures from $360 – $720 – 50% Subsidy

#4: I want to apply!

How can Titaners apply to form a CoP?

  1. You will need to gather a minimum of 5 people to form your group.
  2. You are required to arrange activities at least once a month.
  3. Submit the CoP Application and Schedule Form for approval and processing.

#5: Heard enough? Then get into the CoP action!

Heard of TiQuality? Yes this is the first CoP formed. Expect interactive sessions to explore and acquire software testing and quality assurance skills. Beyond that, meet and be inspired by fellow Titaners who share the same passion as you!

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