Worth the hype? An Apple Watch Review.

apple watch(Picture Credit: Apple)

I had the opportunity to try out the Apple watch yesterday ( i.e. I stole it from my brother while he was playing World of Warcraft). So how does the Apple watch fare? Is it worth the $518 (and up) price tag?

Model shown: 38mm stainless steel case with black sports band


  • Customisable clock face
    It is first and foremost called an Apple watch right? How many ways can there be to tell time? Well, as expected there are various watch face designs that you can choose and change to easily.In the mood for something classy and cool? Choose the Solar background. TGIF and in need of some fun? Mickey Mouse is the one for you then.

photo 4photo 3photo 13
Tons of watch faces to choose from!

  • Remote photo taking
    Sadly Apple was not able to squeeze a camera into the watch but you can remotely control your phone’s shutter button as well as view what your phone lens is pointing at on the screen. My dogs are camera shy, they always turn away when I try to take photos of them so this gives me the ability to leave the phone aimed at their faces and walk away to sneakily take a shot. I imagine this function is also useful for the times you’re trying to take a group photo and there isn’t anyone around to pester to help you. 

photo 12Meet my pooch- he moves, occasionally. 

  • Activate on wrist raise
    Ok, this is kind of a cheap thrill but I really like how the screen turns on when I turn my wrist towards my face to look at the time. It makes me feel like I have super powers.

photo 23Dashboard for apps

  • Taptic Engine
    Using haptic technology, the watch is able to produce vibrations that are similar to being tapped on the wrist when you have a message or notification. As an additional feature, users can also enable ‘prominent haptic’ whereby the watch gives you a tap just before your message comes in, giving you the chance to raise your wrist to check out your message just as it comes in and before the sound alert goes off as well.
  • Texts
    It’s really convenient to be able to read texts on your wrist in case you’re waiting on any updates. Replying is a tad bit more difficult though, you have the option of clicking on some quick replies or dictating to Siri. As a plus point there are also animated emojis that you can send to other watch/iphone users which is pretty cool.

photo 14You can view photos sent to you together with your texts too!

photo 24
Some quick replies you can tap on to send immediately


  • Calls
    Speaker quality is kind of poor and everyone around you can hear the conversation you’re having. Useful as a basic function during emergencies but that’s about it.

photo 32Tap the button on the side and it shows you your favourites list of people to call

  • Strap
    Call me picky but the sports strap itself is really tedious and difficult to put on! You need to put the watch face down, place your wrist on it and fiddle to get the strap buckled before tucking the loose strap in.

photo 43%$#*)$#* Frustrating strap

As many reviews have said, the watch will never replace our smart phones. It’s a pretty cool gadget to have around but I feel like I am addicted to technology enough as it is, a permanent device glued to my wrist probably won’t help the situation 😉

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