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An engineer who are interested in looking for better way of working between people, especially after being exposed to Agile development in 2014. Currently working as ScrumMaster in Titansoft, and hoping able to put practices into my work. Apart from of my professional career, I am interested in cooking too.

How should I arrange my team in my organisation?

Recently I had attended Bas Vodde’s training on Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) and I have to admit that there is always something to pick up in his course, regardless how many times I had joined. We spent quite period of times in discussing how organization could structure their teams and what difference it could make. What are the common ways in industry, and what are the counter intuitive ways from his point of views, etc. This post will be highlighting difference of component teams and feature teams. If you are interested to know how much difference it could make, it might be worthy to spend next few minutes on this post.

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Cheating or Not? – Testers Disclose Test Plans for Developer to Pass the Checking

You might be thinking that the title doesn’t make sense and how would this be helpful to the development of software? A common perspective where test should be independence, thus it’s safest to be separated from development. Though this statement does make sense, Gojko Adzic’s book, “Bridging the Communication Gap”, brings new perspective on way of working between testers and developers through Agile Acceptance Testing. Gojko suggested an upfront workshop where tests are constructed before implementation starts. The workshop involves testers, developers and best with customers, together in creating tests that satisfy new requirements. Below are few benefits of the practice:

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Kanban: Evolution not Revolution

Compliance Kanban Board

a typical Titansoft Kanban Board

Kanban is about evolution, not revolution. It hinges on the fundamental truth that you can’t get where you want to go without first knowing where you are. If you have already attended the Kanban training, either internal or external, we are sure you know what a Kanban is and what good it brings for a team. Kanban underpins a “Just-in-time” (JIT) system that allows us to visualise our work and workflow, limit work in progress (WIP) items by reducing unfinished work (waste) and redundant task switching. Walking past the working areas in Titansoft, you will notice each team now has a uniquely-designed Kanban used to visualise their workflow. No one Kanban is the same as another as each Kanban caters specifically to each team’s needs and requirements. Let’s go on a tour of the different Kanbans!

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The Power of an Agile Mindset

Agile Singapore Conference 2014 was a congregation of professional speakers adept in their own software development and consulting fields. We were proud and honoured to be a sponsor for this 2-day event at Marina Bay Sands as we continue to adopt the Agile framework in our daily work. Each of the speakers came with a story to tell that was thought-provoking, inspiring and brought a refreshing change of perspectives for our Titaners that attended the event.

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