The Power of an Agile Mindset

Agile Singapore Conference 2014 was a congregation of professional speakers adept in their own software development and consulting fields. We were proud and honoured to be a sponsor for this 2-day event at Marina Bay Sands as we continue to adopt the Agile framework in our daily work. Each of the speakers came with a story to tell that was thought-provoking, inspiring and brought a refreshing change of perspectives for our Titaners that attended the event.

What was the most impactful talk?

Unanimously, our Titaners named “The Power of Agile Mindset” by Linda Rising as inspiring and deeply relevant. She discusses the “agile mindset” as an attitude that equates failure and problems with opportunities for learning to truly apply the concept of Agile in our daily lives. Using herself as an example, she conveys and spread the spirit that we are always able to improve if we are willing to, resonating with the Titansoft’s spirit of Never Stop Improving!

Are you a rule-breaker?

Another takeaway from the conference was that one is more likely to break rules but adhere to guidelines. It was amazing how a change in the use of rules to guidelines immediately instills freedom in that choice to adhere or rebel. (Maybe this is a sign for us to rename our Rules and Regulations to guidelines.) Each session was another opportunity to hear and learn from the experts as they shared their knowledge and agile techniques.
We are sure those two days were enriching and an eye-opening experience for our Titaners. Remember, technical excellence is key to the product while product development is a team sport. Here at Titansoft, we are constantly willing to try out novel practices and improve ourselves with new knowledge and that is the Agile mindset to adopt!

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