7 Takeaways from My First World IA Day 2016 in Singapore

World IA Day 2016

“My name is Lorraine,” and I was welcomed with a lovely conference badge after registering in at the booth set up at National Design Centre. I took a card promising a free digital copy of the famous “Polar Bear Book”, Information Architecture for the World Wide Web by Peter Morville, dropped the lucky pick portion of my raffle ticket in the glass bowl and got myself a warm cup of latte by the barista at Jimmy Monkey. And I thought to myself, “hmm, seems like a great decision so far to come for this event!”

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Celebrating SG50 the Titansoft Way: Embrace Singlish!

SG50 at Titansoft
Celebrating SG50 the Titansoft Way

Do you know Titansoft is made up of Titaners from across 10 different countries all over the world?

Today, over 40 Titaners from the Development departments gathered together for an early SG50 celebration. Just like the multi-cultural, multi-religious city we call home, Titansoft’s diverse workforce of all races and nationalities come together as one, building friendships across borders. We can’t wait for the Jubilee Weekend (7-10 Aug) to come already! If you are still out of ideas for creative ways to spend the weekend, check out SG50’s event calendar!

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8 Ways You Can Use Kanban to Improve Your Team’s Performance

8 Ways You Can Use Kanban to Improve Your Team’s Performance
Kanban Board of Titansoft’s Content Management Team

Do you find yourself or your team members stuck on the same task for days, blocked but don’t know how to move on? Helpless but don’t know how you can make things move?

Or do you spend just too much time each day, always interrupted by your supervisor or other team members, wanting to know the status of an item or simply checking up to make sure you are working hard to complete an item on time?

If you’ve ever worked in a team under a supervisor, I’m sure we’ve all once faced the same problems. And maybe, Kanban may just be the answer to how you can work out these problems and improve your team’s performance.

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