Demystifying the Wall of Art

Titansoft Wall of Art Are you just walking past something new? Every day at work, each of us walk along the corridor for a number of times, but do you feel something different? Is that “something new” saying “something” to you? Yes, that’s right. We are talking about the new wall decal stretching along the corridor of Titansoft Office along Cantonment Road.

Take a couple of seconds to recall your first impression the first time you saw it. Bear your answers in mind and find out what our artist Tyrone has to say. “Our very hardworking colleagues inspired me to create this poster. I want them to use their inner creativity to interpret the artwork however they want to interpret it. Appreciate it. Critique it. As long as they view it”, says our chief artist. He’s finally starting to speak out after letting the poster “speaks” to us for a while.

The wall decal is one of the many T.Office projects since last year, striving to personalise our work area into something more unique, more us. Complementing other T.Office designs with this wall decal, the artist wants to show a form of appreciation by illustrating our Titansoft family in a visual way. A way that a picture speaks thousands of words!

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