“I start with the end in mind, and successful results motivates me to go on”: Alvin, Technical Support Analyst

Living the furthest away, but is usually the earliest to step into office in the mornings, Alvin has been known to ask the most insightful and critical of questions.

We had a chat with him as he shared some insights on his journey of growth, the most important qualities for a Technical Support Analyst in Titansoft, and how his team works together to cultivate a blameless culture.

1. You recently advanced 2 job grades within the year. Can you share with us the motivation for your growth?

I am motivated by successful results – when I do something and it has an impact, I want to do it more. I have a proactive mind set about career progression because opportunities do not come by often; we have to seize them instead of waiting to be given the opportunity.

Every time my manager asks if I can take on a certain task or project, I will always say yes first and then learn how to do it later. Because he is only going to ask me once, and if I say no, he will probably ask someone else.

2. What do you think are the most important qualities to have, for a Technical Support Analyst in Titansoft?

Doing customer support is hard work, sacrifices have to be made and you need to have the right mind set. Some people might wish to pursue their idea of the “ideal job”. To me, another way of thinking about it would be to focus on “what I can do for the company”. I look towards what I can do to fulfill an existing need in the company.

There was a quote I heard previously which pretty much sums up the right mind set for the job,

“this is what you do when a user breaks something or you encounter a problem that is very difficult to debug. You say thank you. Thank you for finding this issue, for pointing out an over complicated part or gap in our system. And you go on to improve on it so nobody can break it the same way again.”

When encountering a problem, the normal reaction is to complain, “why does this always happen to me”. Instead of complaining, a change in mind set would be to appreciate the opportunity to improve on our product and service. But in order to appreciate it, we must first be passionate about our product and service. As a Technical Support Analyst in Titansoft, and even in the development teams, it is important to have a blameless culture. After all, we are working as a team to solve problems, not to find whose fault it is.

3. What are your thoughts about our monthly culture workshops? Among
V-CEPAT, which company value resonates with you the most and how have you applied it to your work?

Initially, each culture workshop felt like an hour of self-help class. Over time, I realized that I have come to internalize those values and drawing on the skills acquired, I have applied them in my work to positive results. For example, before the workshop on ‘Value Driven’, I used to feel that as a Technical Support Analyst, if I contributed to areas outside of my scope, someone else will get the credit as it is not my job. The workshop gave me a different perspective, now I feel that positions and titles do not matter as long as I try to add value to my work. These workshops provide guiding principles to help me make judgment calls when problem solving.

I feel that both the values of ‘Value Driven’ and ;Emergent Leadership’ have a great impact on me.

Everyone can be a leader – becoming a leader does not mean “command and control” or “micromanaging the team”, it means that you should do more.

Leading by example as a leader, we should be proactively doing the things no one wants to do.

4. Do you have some advice for other Titaners to enrich their work experience here in Titansoft?

I think it is important to align your needs to what you do in the company so you have a reason to get out of bed and come to work every morning. Have a clear goal of what you want to do and match them with the company’s if possible. Start with the end in mind so you know what you are here for.

Also, it is important to find an interest outside of the workplace as a balance, ideally something to improve your overall well being such as sports, travelling or learning a new skill. Anything really, as long as you Never Stop Improving.

What about you? Start on your journey to Never Stop Improving, in Titansoft!

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