Roles of the Scrum Master in Titansoft (Singapore)

Ask any Titaner what exactly does a Scrum Master in Titansoft do. And the majority (more than 80%) would answer, “a Scrum Master is a facilitator.” Probe deeper, and you’d get “…of Scrum events!” (Never let it be said that Titaners miss the obvious) Well, as with many things in life such as the tragic case of a Hawaiian pizza with only one measly slice of pineapple, that answer is 100% correct and yet, it is not the full picture. Let me share with you a brief overview of what it is exactly that Scrum Masters do in Titansoft.

Facilitate Scrum events as required

Yes, Scrum Masters facilitate the events in a sprint. Their main responsibility is to be actively “idle” – once the ball has started rolling, to know when to take a step back and let the discussion continue organically. Not all events require the presence of a Scrum Master. Without a Scrum Master, Scrum team members (such as a product developer or product owner) can proceed to take the place of facilitator in sprint planning, product backlog refinement and sprint review.

Address impediments and facilitate removal

The second major objective of a Scrum Master is the removal of roadblocks for development teams. Obstacles can be related to product or people, in the case of software bugs, miscommunication across teams, mismatch in expectations, or low engagement within the team. A Scrum Master uses a different tool for each problem, ranging from facilitation, coaching, training to mentoring.

Facilitate organization and department-wide events as requested

In the journey of self-organization here at Titansoft, besides the adoption of Scrum methodologies, we also embrace practices including Open Space Technology, peer review and Sociocracy double-linking. All these requires varying levels of facilitation, which a Scrum Master provides when requested.

scrum master 4

Scrum “champion”

As a passionate champion of “Scrum”, a Scrum Master’s duty also involves guiding the team and organisation in adhering to Scrum ceremonies and adjusting the practices to suit our unique environment at Titansoft. We perform this role mainly through games, activities and of course, sharing sessions.

Support promotion of Titansoft in public events

Awarded the Best Tech Company to Work For in Singapore (2017) and the Best Company to Work For in Asia – Singapore (2018), we participate in numerous conferences, workshops and events throughout the year, not including the frequent meetups we host in the “Playground” of our office. As a Scrum Master, we are occasional facilitators, frequent participants and always supporters of these activities. Not to mention a social ambassador too!

scrum master 1

Of course, with our #adaptive and #continuouslearning culture, the role of a Scrum Master in Titansoft is constantly evolving. Interested to find out more, and maybe join us to #NeverStopImproving? Speak to Malli and Wan!

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