Summer interns 2018!

Bright and early at 9.30am, the 5 of us arrived at Titansoft, ready for our first day of internship. We were welcomed by our friendly HR colleagues, Sky and Jessie, who tapped us in to a quiet office and explained Titansoft’s unique flexi working hours where Titaners get to plan their own work schedule, as long as work gets done!

As interns, we received a brief orientation where we played some ice-breaking games to learn more about each other and Titansoft. For Summer 2018, we have 4 Software Developer (SD) Interns and 1 HR Intern (who says operational role interns are not welcomed in a tech company!)


Unlike many other organizations that give interns trivial tasks, Titansoft allows interns the autonomy and responsibility to plan and carry out actual projects. As SD interns, we come together as a team to develop Titansoft’s Training System (TTS) and like every other team out there, we overcame our differences of being different people from different backgrounds, by getting to know each other better. From day 1, we set some team expectations (what we expect from this internship):

  1. Learn about working in an agile/scrum environment
  2. Making a website (front-end, back-end, database, setting up websites, etc.)
  3. Learning about technical skills like C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL

There are many avenues to voice your opinion or thoughts on any decisions to be made.

The friendly and warm staff always make sure that we interns have the best possible environment to learn and apply our skills. We began by discussing the basic architecture of the project. This was accompanied by ample training sessions to help us acclimatize to the various software technologies that we would be using. Our mentor turned out to be very patient and detailed in his approach to guide us.

Just a sneak preview to the TTS (which you should look forward to in our upcoming posts!):

From the users’ point of view:

It’s an internal system for Titansoft, mainly used by the company’s HR, but also by regular employees. The system’s purpose is to manage the company’s internal/external trainings for employees. HR can create different kinds of courses and assign users, or users can bid for the course they want (very simplified version).

From the technical point of view:

The project uses .NET MVC framework and was previously worked on by past interns from Taiwan. Our team and mentor decided to start the project from scratch because the previous project was left unfinished.

Are you intrigued yet? By the vast amount of responsibilities and hands-on projects you can get to do as a Software Developer Intern in Titansoft?! Read on to our next post and find out more about our journey as we continue to find out more about Titansoft!

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