Experiencing internship at Titansoft

After years of education with many sleepless nights working on projects, test and exams, have you ever wondered whether the theories that you have learned in school would ever be useful in the real working environment? And when the chance of an internship comes along, why not find out if your learning is truly applicable?

  1. What is expected of me as an intern?
  2. What will I be doing?
  3. How are the people like in the company?

These are probably some of the questions interns have asked themselves before beginning their internship. However, at Titansoft, we would like to address these concerns even before you come on board!

What you can expect from our Internship program?
From the internship program, you will be working on a project through the Agile working style. Yes, you can experience being part of a Scrum team through our internship! Ultimately, you will learn new things that you never got to learn in school and have fun at the same time!

Be prepared to hear incredible stories from other Titaners (yes, that is what we call ourselves) about our Agile journey, our technical practices and also the fun that we have! And if you have any queries during your internship, feel free to approach ANY of us and we are more than happy to help you out!


 What an Ex-Intern (now a Titaner) says about us?
“The good news that I have found after being an intern myself is that the knowledge gained from the theories learnt in school does help me to get certain things done faster. Although being an intern may not be adding full support or value to the projects / tasks, you will still be given a lot of opportunities that will help in your learning, especially something that you never get to learn in school, like Agile!

Working in a dynamic, collaborative and non-hierarchical team to break new grounds is an experience you will get when interning with Titansoft. Before anything else, check out the Titansoft’s internship program structure and decide for yourself!” 🙂

So… Hesitate no more and be part of the intern Titaners today by applying at our Job Portal!

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