How to change Amazon Echo time zone and traffic for Singapore.


In this tutorial I will share with you, how to change Amazon Echo time zone to Singapore and set your traffic information.

  1. Login
  2. Click Setting -> Click the Echo you wish to change. In my case I have 2 Echo.
    Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 10.49.41 pm.png
  3. Change the Time Zone
    I don’t know why suddenly Singapore is not inside Asia’s list, therefore I select China Standard Time (Shanghai)

    PS: There is a possibility where by you cannot choose anything from drop down list. The work around is to edit and saved the postal code above time zone.
  4. Edit device location

Key in your address and click save


Modify your traffic information

  1. Visit this URL
  2. Click “Change address” and enter from and to address
  3. Goto back to home, simply ask Alexa “Alexa, how is the traffic”. you should able to see something like below.

Congratulations, enjoy!! Since 2017, they have improve the UI allow user to select time zone.

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    1. i dont know if it’s because that but, i turned off my phone (to avoid it to refresh or change anything)
      in Desktop chrome i log out my alexa account
      close Chrome then open it again and log on Alexa account again.
      then changed the address and PUT was there.
      I hope it helps


  1. Thank you for the tutorial – very detail and useful, now that the local time and traffic are working OK. There are 2 parameters which i am not sure if need to change: “TimeZoneRegion” and “TimeZone” … both are NULL and your screen captured value have shown “Asia”.

    Also, I tried to ask “Alex, my timezone” and its response is US central standard time (even I have changed all settings to Singapore)… is it possible to correct the timezone response?

    Amazon seems to have updated the setup menu and added “Device time zone” in Settings with its software version 564196920.


  2. Address change no longer works, and hasn’t since about mid last year. Also, there is no need to mess about so much to change the timezone, it’s now selectable in the settings page for the device on the Alexa website


  3. To set the address in traffic settings, pls log out from Gmail from your Chrome first.
    This was my experience. Thanks


  4. I didn’t know it was this easy to change Alexa’s time now. I had always been using the Chrome Developer Tools method (which works great on my Mac, but not on my Windows 7 PC). Funny how selecting Asia doesn’t get more specific for all the countries in the +8 time zone, like Hong Kong, the Philippines, & Singapore. Still, I can live with Shanghai as the easy method. Thanks for the update.


    1. The Echo Dot is 5V. Buy a 5V 2A Micro USB adaptor for it.

      Alexa does not have a voltage rating, as Alexa is an application.


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