How my intern experience at Titansoft got me my full time job

What are your chances of stepping into office on your first official working day but instead of smiling awkwardly to the permanent staffs that are there to welcome you, you two exchange greetings like you guys have not met for ages? Well, for me, I had the opportunity to do my internship here at Titansoft, and after accepting the job offer; my first day at work in office was a series of “Hey! How have you been?” instead of “Hello! How is the orientation so far?”

Me on my last day of internship!

So what made me join Titansoft in the first place? I guess I can narrow my reasons down to the following:

  • Prompt reply from the HR

I sent out a few job applications and I must say Titansoft got back to me the fastest. I personally dread the wait, wondering if I am selected when the HR goes through my resume. But here at Titansoft it was different, shortly after my job application, I received a call from our friendly HR, Clare asking a few questions before scheduling an interview with me 🙂

  • Not a paper boy internship

Everyone knows, internships are just nice terms for “paper boy”, “data entry”, “make coffee”, but here in Titansoft I was part of something. After being assigned a team I was exposed to the “real thing” working on a project that would really solve the user’s pain, this experience gave me a sense of satisfaction whenever I leave the office daily. The internship process made me appreciate several things that was taught in school but never had a chance to practice in the school environment.

  • Learning Culture

My first week in Titansoft involved a lot of self-study; the learning culture here has allowed us interns to read up on Agile development, Scrum, Lean Startup, so that we can be in sync before we embark on the upcoming projects. The bookshelves along the walkway are filled with many books for all levels of developers. I dare say that Titansoft provides the environment to learn as long as you are willing to take that first step.

  • An environment I cannot say “no” to.

Lastly, it would be the environment, it was really sad for me to bid farewell to the colleagues who took care of me when I was there for my 3-months internship. Though I was an intern, I feel like I was already part of something bigger. I personally value giving and receiving feedback for improvements. And it is here at Titansoft that employee’s feedback is collected, and relevant parties would seek to improve to make this place better. After all, we Never Stop Improving.

In a nutshell, I was lucky enough to be given an insider’s view of the company’s culture before deciding on whether or not if I should join this big and cozy family. It was the culture they adopt coupled with my pleasant internship experience that attracted me. I can come to work every day with the drive to strive and make a difference. This motivation keeps me going and I hope that my contributions will be beneficial for both the company and myself.


This guest post is brought to you by Poo Siang who is currently a software developer at Titansoft.

Keen to know more about an internship at Titansoft? Do check out our Intern Job Opening to find out more!

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