Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Product Developer?

What does it take to be a Software Developer?
What does it take to be a Software Developer?

Did you know?

With the departure of the traditional waterfall model, the Agile and lean development framework is now the preferred schema to adopt in the IT industry. But what exactly is Agile? The answer is straightforward — adaptive and fast. This paradigm promotes continuous inspection and adaptation to accommodate evolving requirements.

We Want it Fast!

How do we apply the Agile framework? Well, we do it the Scrum way.

1. Product Backlog Refinement

The process starts with product backlog refinement where the team estimates difficulty points for items.

2. Planning

One is to prioritise items to product backlog and another is to analyse the current items and tasks. Given the flexibility to constantly refine and reprioritise the overall product backlog, we are able to accommodate change requests into upcoming iterations.

3. Sprint Review

This is when the team gathers feedback about the product. As each sprint is time-boxed, it creates recurring opportunities to calibrate the product requirements for stakeholders to ensure sustainable service delivery.

4. Sprint Retrospective

Throw out your views! Team dynamics is further explored at this point to facilitate teamwork.

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