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Trying being agile in the fun way. 喜歡并相信敏捷,期許能帶入一些不同的思維,能讓華語圈不只軟體產業,都可以更敏捷。

Perhaps you need a bit more Waterfall – 8 DON’Ts in Agile Transformation

(此文章中文版『敏捷八不』發表於 Funevo)

“When the Great Tao prevails, the world is shared by all.

The worthy and capable are chosen as leaders, trust is fostered and goodwill is cultivated. Thus, people do not only regard their own parents as parents, nor do they only regard their own children as children. The old are cared for until death, the adults are gainfully employed, and the children are nurtured. Widowers, widows, orphans, childless seniors, the disabled and diseased are all taken care of. Men have their proper roles, and women have their families. While people hate to see a resource thrown away, they do not necessarily keep it for their own use.

Not contributing one’s efforts is abhorred, the same as devoting them purely for one’s own self-interests. Therefore, conspiracies do not thrive; robberies, thefts and criminal activities do not occur. And so, there is no need for doors to be shut.

This is called the Great Unity.”

– Book of Rites(Liji), Great Unity

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When Agile meets Facilitation: Building Self-organizing Teams in Scrum


(Chinese version published on 中文版發表於敏捷進化趣)

I always think being a Scrum Master is like being a legend , a Scrum Master helps the Team to understand Scrum and Agile, supports the Team to level-up technical practices, guides the Team to be self-organizing, removes impediments to the  Team’s progress, etc. And to make the job even more complicated, Scrum Master does not have authority over the Team, the Team does not listen to Scrum Master (Unless Team choose to)!

If you look at all these responsibilities individually they seem achievable, but when you put them together it is very challenging for one person to execute. And the one responsibility that confused me the most was that the Scrum Master needs to “Facilitate”, and I had no idea what it meant back in 2014. Continue reading

Instant Project Management Pack 02 – Stakeholders


(Chinese version published on 中文版發表於敏捷進化趣)

You just moved into a new apartment and invited all your friends. At first you worry how many guests would actually show up, luckily people started to show up gradually.

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Instant Project Management Pack 01 – Introduction to Project


(Chinese version published on 中文版發表於敏捷進化趣)

Project Management and PMP(Project Management Professional) certification were pretty hot topics couple years ago, recently it seems a bit out-of-fashion as the Agile Project Management style getting popular. Many people would think PMP is evil and no longer useful because it focus on process and tools, and the ash bin is where it belongs to.

I do not totally agree with it because, Agile Manifesto said we value Individuals and Interactions over process and tools. It did not say Individuals and Interactions ONLY, TO HELL WITH process and tools right?

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