Finding the right balance between Agile Development and UX Development

Finding the perfect combo. Some stuff just goes well with each other. Peanut butter and jelly, pizza and beer, Batman and Robin, we can go on and on. But what about Nutella and fries? Gin and raspberries? And here’s one that is one of the most debatable in our field – Agile Development and UX Development.

It may sound wrong and make you feel uncomfortable if you mix them together, but eventually it can turn out pretty well!

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WTF – Where’s The Food?


Tired of the usual Zi Char place opposite our office?
Or always having trouble finding seats at 100AM mall’s food court?
Can’t think of a place to eat something nice to have team lunch/dinner?

Well, here is a “tried and tested” guide to 5 food places that are just around the corner for you and your taste buds to try!  Continue reading “WTF – Where’s The Food?”