About T.8ytes

Team Titansoft
The Titansoft Family!

Welcome to T.8ytes!

Our blog filled with stories of Titansoft behind the scenes!

We offer you insider perspectives on what is it like to be working in a dynamic, fast-moving software development firm. One that practises Scrum and Agile development frameworks and other methodologies with the sole goal of delivering better products for our users.

Our team of blog writers is made up of subject experts across the fields of programming, database, product development and many more. Through firsthand experience in our fields of expertise, we hope to share with you advice and tips on subjects related to the diverse fields of software and product development.

We love great feedback, especially those which trigger us to think harder and improve better. So if you are just like us, drop us a comment on any articles or write in to info@titansoft.com.sg with your questions!

If you are ready for our thoughts on everything, start reading away now!

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