How to update Huawei Watch to Android Wear 2.0

At Titansoft, we are always interested in the latest technology and we would like to share some technological updates with you!


Android Wear 2.0 is now available for update. If you not able to get the update through the normal system updates, here is the trick how to update it.

Below are the steps that you can perform to manual install Android Wear 2.0.

  • Connect your watch to a WiFi connection
  • Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth (This is to make sure that your phone is disconnected from the watch)
  • Go to your watch
    Settings – > about – > system updates (wait for update)
  • Once you see the green screen indicating “system up to date”, keep tapping the green screen and it will prompt you (depending on luck, I can’t tell you exactly how many times) with the message “Update available. Do you want to download?”
  • Select “yes” to download the update. Sometimes the update will stop randomly, but do not worry, simply repeat the process until you get your watch update done.

What to expect after updating to Android Wear 2.0
Swipe down, you will see the new orientation of Watch Settings

Swipe up and it will bring up all notifications or the current application that is running.
Swipe to left or right will allow you to change the watch face.

Press the top right button and you can see all available applications.
While a longer press will activate Google Assistant.
One of my favorite updates is that I can reply WhatsApp messages with the on-screen keyboard. The dictionary prediction is quite accurate. Not bad ^^

Android Wear 2.0 will allow you to access the Google Play Store directly from your watch. You can also have apps on your watch that aren’t on your phone as they are stand-alone apps.

That’s all folks! Until next time.


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