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Life Meets Work at Titansoft: Health & Fitness

Boxercise: Workplace Health Program

Are you binding with work-life integration concept yet? We are in the era where professionals blend what we do personally and professionally in order to make both work. Great project can be completed at home and chilled moment can be happened many times at the office. As long as we have self-management to perform the best and can do personal activities to break up our days, we can always balance our life and work anywhere we feel like.

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Amateur Baker learning adventure


What I have learned is that passion and interest is not enough. I may have the desire and eagerness, but I lack the skill and mastery that is another element in making a masterpiece. Getting into realization did not come as a breeze though; one must invest time, effort, even money in order to achieve what your heart is yearning for.


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Wear it, understand it and be proud of it!

Titansfot Polo Shirt

Hooray! we are celebrating SG50 with our new company shirt. What used to be our plain grey polo shirt has now transformed into an identifiable shirt with the classic Titansoft pixel logo embroidered on the chest coupled with a unique logo on the sleeve. Our Titaners are indeed excited to don on this newly designed polo tee. Continue reading

Celebrating SG50 the Titansoft Way: Embrace Singlish!

SG50 at Titansoft

Celebrating SG50 the Titansoft Way

Do you know Titansoft is made up of Titaners from across 10 different countries all over the world?

Today, over 40 Titaners from the Development departments gathered together for an early SG50 celebration. Just like the multi-cultural, multi-religious city we call home, Titansoft’s diverse workforce of all races and nationalities come together as one, building friendships across borders. We can’t wait for the Jubilee Weekend (7-10 Aug) to come already! If you are still out of ideas for creative ways to spend the weekend, check out SG50’s event calendar!

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