Gambling: Doubling a bet is a logical game?


Friends often told me about their glory moments in their recent casino visits, “planting” the idea of easy cash concept. Is there really an easy way to win in the casinos?

Doubling up

This is the strategy which I’ve adopted during my virgin trip to a casino, which was perceived the most logical betting. The logic behind the strategy is easy. Whenever you loses a game, you will have to double your bet and there are a few principles to follow:

  • bet on games that offer 50% chance to win;
  • do not switch bets; if you bet on “BIG” and you lost, double your betting amount on “BIG” again until you win;
  • bet on every single game until you win;
  • assuming the outcome will not be single sided; i.e. the outcome will not be always “BIG”.

Ideally you will never lose a single cents with this strategy, but this strategy requires huge capital to back you up. Using an example of $50 as the minimum bet, the amount of capital required to earn $50 is illustrated below:

Game # bet per game Payout per game Accumulated bet Profit
               1                          50                                    100                                        50              50
               2                        100                                    200                                      150              50
               3                        200                                    400                                      350              50
               4                        400                                    800                                      750              50
               5                        800                                1,600                                  1,550              50
               6                    1,600                                3,200                                  3,150              50
               7                    3,200                                6,400                                  6,350              50
               8                    6,400                              12,800                                12,750              50

According to the strategy, Game #2’s bet will be double of Game #1. Hence, using the above illustration the bet amount will be $100. Factoring the previous losses of $50, the player’s accumulated bet is $150 for the 2 games. If the play won the game, he will make a net profit of $50 out of the 2 games.

However if the player keep losing and he is playing the 8th game, he will be having an accumulated bet of $12,750 to win $50 profit. Doesn’t sound logical now?

AGAIN! The casinos always have measures to deter players from using any form of strategy to yield from them. Let me introduce the ultimate foe, “TABLE LIMIT”. This sets the maximum bet amount allowed on a single game, which is usually 20times of the minimum bet.  Using the above illustration, the table limit will be $1,000. In the case of the player loses his 5th game, he cannot exercise his strategy of betting at $1,600 and he can only bet $1,000. If the player bets $1,000 and won, he will still be making a net loss of $550. That is how i made my first loss of $3,000 in my virgin trip.

No Strategy is a Good Strategy

After years of casino visits, I’ve finally enlightened monetary  winnings are actually not easy. Casino visits are purely for entertainment purposes; spending monies to buy some cheap thrills.

The following are some pointers for the gamblers:

  • Set aside a losses limit; How much do you intend to lose?
  • Set a winning  limit; How much winning to make you stop?
  • if there is no limits for the above 2 points, you should never enter a casino;
  • Do let your pride gets over your head;
  • Gambling is largely luck based. If you keep losing, please do not hope you can recoup back.
  • Accept losses as entertain fees paid to the casino; you will feel better.
  • When you won a windfall, spend your money wisely, like giving your friends a treat.

Good Luck to you!

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